About Us



Breaking Water Minerals SL Ltd. is one of the biggest gold and diamonds company in Sierra Leone, dealing with gold nuggets, gold bar, rough and cut diamonds, markild sustainable businesseting them all over the world.


To be a leader in the precious metal industry through our performance and achieving quality.

Sustainability - Breaking Water Mineral SL Ltd. bu

ventures and believe in continual business

Growth - We endeavor to engage in continued growth in terms of business as well as the organization. We aim for the market leadership regionally and globally.

Quality - We endeavor to provide unparalleled quality to clients both in terms of our products and services and to achieve high standards of customer satisfaction and repeat business / customer retention.

Integrity - We take pride in our honesty, reliability, and ethical business practice.

Innovation - We believe in continual improvement and mobilize our resources accordingly

Community - We are aware of our surroundings - We contribute to the communiry, society, and work force in general through our business ventures with a specific focus on preservation of environmental factors.